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game, this would be called 'overplaying your hand'. Using fake Trustpilot references linked to - also berated by the community. 3/3/18 m Fake mining sites are an ongoing theme for fraudsters. Just what we need lol. All that effort wasted now though. 5/29/18 A hotch potch, halfway beteen a bitcoin generator scam and a ponzi scam.

2/27/18; fo Bitcoin Generator Bitcoin Adder and other spurious descriptions pitch this worthless scam software.
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3/15/18 m or Cointradder Seriously - Cointradder? 1/17/18 m The only mining going on, is them, mining your wallet. 11/11/16 m where have you gone. 10/11/17 t The MMM scam moves around the World, leaving a trail of broken victims. 1/18/17 m Another ponzi based on the MMM 'Donation' model. 3/3/16 z Just because a hyip site looks good, and there are a lot like it, doesn't change the fact that it is just a thief. Nothing is what it seems. Just to add, when a site calls itself a Lending Platform, look for how to borrow! 9/17/15 m and Purporting to be a coin come guadagnare con le criptovalute con il telefonino and ICO, but just a failing Ponzi scam - A bit outside our usual scope of operation, but we hate scammers! 2/16/16 m (See PTCircle) 6/25/14 m It isn't an investment, quite the opposite.