Market maker forex trading

market maker forex trading

makers? A market maker Forex price is at root made by a human:.someone somewhere is literally deciding the bid/offer price. One way of describing it is as the wholesale level at which currencies are exchanged. That means the price and volume data are readily available for stock trades. The Forex market straddles the globe. The interbank Forex market comprises the transactions conducted between the major banks.

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Well, lets begin by getting a few things straight. When discussing market makers, the bottom line is that they are the pillar that the FX market is built upon. Market makers provide prices in good faith as a basic component of the effective functioning of the market, but in my experience they dislike being scalped. This is not the case for the Forex market, though. MT4SE offers a host of useful features, including the professional-style Trade Terminal that allows multi-currency trade management. Each bank has dedicated market makers for each major currency pair. Before this standard came into play, some firms might have tweaked their price in order reflect their book position, but this cannot happen under best execution.