Microthrust final meeting

On 7 and 8 of November the Microthrust project team presented its finding to the EU representatives during the final project meeting, held in London at the Queen Mary- University of London.


MicroThrust presents four papers at the International Electric propulsion Conference

During the 33rd International Electric propulsion Conference held in Washington from 6 to 10 October 2013 the MicroThrust team presented no less than 4 papers reporting on the results of recent test and demonstration activities of the breadboard hardware. 


Breadboard testing at Queen Mary/ University of London

In the summer of 2013 all parts of the Microthrust thruster were brought together at the Laboratories of Prof. Stark in London. 


MicroThrust team meeting at TNO in the Netherlands

January 16th-17th the MicroThrust team has assembled yet again for a semi-annual progress meeting.


ABC news Catalyst broadcasted an item on CleanSpace One

In October ABC television broadcasted an item on CleanSpace One.

During this movie Prof. Herbert Shae shows a model of the Microthurst engine.

You can watch this movie on the following link


Getting to the Moon on Drops of Fuel

30.03.12 - The first prototype of a new, ultra-compact motor that will allow small satellites to journey beyond Earth’s orbit is just making its way out of the EPFL laboratories where it was built. The goal of the micro motor: to drastically reduce the cost of space exploration.


A MicroThrust model has been created

Commissioned by the consortium H.J. Siemer made a model of the MicroThrust model.

This artist impression will give a general idea of the dimensions of the thruster.


Several models were made and they will be on display during the Space Propulsion 2012 conference, as well as the IAC-2012 conference.

In the near future the model will go on tour to different musea throughout Europe together with the latest information on the developement.


We will keep you informed about the where abouts of the model. Come and see and touch for yourself.


Clean up Earth's orbit: A Swiss satellite to tackle space debris

08.03.12 - The proliferation of debris orbiting the Earth – primarily jettisoned rocket and satellite components – is an increasingly pressing problem for spacecraft, and it can generate huge costs. To combat this scourge, the Swiss Space Center at EPFL is announcing today the launch of CleanSpace One, a project to develop and build the first installment of a family of satellites specially designed to clean up space debris.   


MicroThrust will be present at the Space Propulsion 2012!

Space Propulsion 2010, organized by the Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France in close collaboration with ESA and CNES has proven to be a great success. This achievement was possible thanks to the participation of a large number of top-ranking delegates from the international space sectors (Head of Agencies, Space Operators; Industry CEOs), to European and International Agencies and Industry support (NASA; DLR; ASI; EADS ASTRIUM, SNPE Matériaux Énergétiques, MOOG, AMPAC ISP, ALTA Space, ECAPS and Nanospace) and to a great number of high quality papers presented throughout the event.


Development of a miniturized electric rocket engine in the MicroThrust activity, a EU FP-7 project

A European consortium has begun the development of an advanced miniaturized electric rocket engine, in the context of MicroThrust, a EU FP-7 Space project. The main aim of this activity is to enable Nanosatellites, and even 100 kg satellites, to go to the Moon and beyond under their own power.
In this project, which will run until 2013, the consortium will develop, build and ground test such a new miniaturized electric rocket engine, in preparation of future flight opportunities.